Alias: Gabriel Torres, Martian Artist

Tattooing since: 2009

Tattoo powers: black and grey realism, watercolor, floral, skulls, cover-ups

Gabe has lived in the city of Portland for 5 years now and absolutely loves this city! He enjoys meeting new friends and making meaningful connections through the art of tattooing

Gabe learned how to tattoo by apprenticing under Rick Barnett, an amazing artist and owner of Fine Ink Studios in Orlando, FL. It was there that Gabe learned the skills that allowed him to grow into the artist he is today. From FL to Chicago/Milwaukee area where he continued to work with many other talented artists such as RayRay from Tampa Bay, Dave Garner, and Steve Laurence. He’s been tattooing for 10 years now. Portland is where he has grown roots and hopes to leave a mark on his community.

If you’re a new client or an existing one, thanks for reading a bit about your new artist, hope to see you soon!